Residential Renovation Project

When undertaking a Residential Renovation Project, we understand that homeowners want to hire vendors they can trust. At DOP Engineering we are well versed in the creation of design specs for and inspection of proposed residential renovations. We believe in keeping in close contact via consultations to ensure that our clients are happy with both the plans and services we provide. In working with a recent client to redesign their patio enclosure, remove an existing exterior wall, and open the living space, we were also able to upgrade and include design elements to make the entire renovation aesthetically pleasing and hurricane safe. Our goal is to not only meet, but also exceed our clients’ renovation design expectations.

Commercial Mezzanine Design

Sitting in the heart of Hollywood, Florida’s design district, The Door Shop renovated their new state of the art 40,000+ sf warehouse and showroom where they completely transformed the space to accommodate their inventory area and showroom to allow for over 25 employees to work.

The structural design included architectural and structural glass partitions, along with an aluminum framing system to serve as a safeguard for the showroom’s mezzanine area. We included designed connections to the mezzanine deck and to the existing roof’s steel joists for durability and aesthetics. This project included 500 square feet of glass design with 9/16” laminated glass, as well as concealed connections designs.

  • 500 sf of glass design
  • 9/16” laminated glass
  • Concealed connections designs

Structural Design for Flood Loading

The FRA Flood Panel uses its patented, sustainable flood-seal technology to protect against flood disasters. This device creates a sealed barrier around the opening, preventing water from entering. Each panel is designed specifically for a customized fabrication to meet individual installation requirements and custom shaping and contouring to meet job-specific demands.

Administer, witness and provide test reports for the testing of the FRA flood panels in accordance with the standards outlined in FEMA’s FM 2510 test standard. The 4’-0” panels were tested to resist a total water height of 4’-0”, and resist impacts of a 110lb log. The total test duration is 30 hrs in total

At DOP Engineering we assist owners, builders and engineers of note, in selecting the most advantageous flood mitigation designs taking local conditions into account. These measures protect buildings and residents alike from catastrophic flood event damages.

Flood mitigation engineering requires attention to detail in both the evaluation and selection process, as well as the design components. We strive to create attractive yet safe and functional design components and systems.

With our collaborative approach, we can create design solutions to address a plethora of flood-risk management projects. We also ensure that we are in open communication from concept creation, to design and construction and even beyond to maintenance and support. At DOP Engineering we happily foster long-term relationships with our clients offering them continued next-level service at every stage of the process.

Concrete Restoration & Column Repair

Concrete, while a durable and economical material used in most buildings in South Florida, is also prone to breakdown over the course of years. It is not a material that is impervious. Repairing concrete after flooding or years of wear and tear by the salty sea air, is a normal part of building ownership. The goal is to catch the deterioration early before it leads to a complete failure. Repairing concrete is almost always advantageous. Replacing concrete failures generally turns into a much larger task. At DOP Engineering we are here to assist clients in evaluating, concrete cracking, rust, and breaches and to engineer solutions for your concrete repair needs.

This private residence with an estimated value of $6.7 mil- lion, sitting right of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean was experiencing column failures and concrete deficiencies. Concrete restoration and structural member replacements were required to maintain the safety and quality of the structural elements.

DOP provided repair protocol to replace steel columns connected to concrete footings and concrete beams. Design steel embedment plates and provide a concrete restoration protocol for the elements intervened during all column removal processes.



Wood Pergola & Deck Design

Located right next to the St. Lucie River in Palm City, FL this 2,200 SF custom wood deck with Aztec composite deck planks, and improvements to the existing wood dock, and Tiki-hut was installed.

Coordinate with surveyor and contractors to provide engineering design for new wood deck and composite planks. Provide design for concrete spread footings, wood beams and girders. Provide Tie-down design for existing Tiki hut. Provide design for new cus- tom railings with cable infill.

  • Over 30 Footings
  • 2,269 SF of new composite planking
  • 60 LF of custom Railings
  • Adaptation of existing concrete pool deck

Weather can take a toll on outdoors structures in Miami Dade, Ft. Lauderdale and other South Florida areas. At DOP Engineering we understand that Wood Pergola & Deck in designing wood decking and outdoor pergola/structures we must give extensive consideration to both the aesthetic and the structural engineering components to ensure both the beauty and longevity of the design. From beach breezes to hurricanes, wind and salt water can wreak havoc. We meet these challenges balancing design sensibilities with durable engineering techniques and we firmly believe in seeing the project through with consultation and communication throughout the construction and installation phases. From kicking off your dream project to wind and waters kicking up, we have you covered!

Glass and Glazing Design

Ocean Delray Condo development, which sits on more than 200 feet of private shoreline will consist of 19 luxury condo units starting at $5 Million each.

Provide design for oversized circular and rectangular skylights to resist the windloads as determined by ASCE 7- 10. Circular skylight size was 137” diameter, rectangular skylight was 80” x 107”

DOP was contracted to design our oversized skylights, and they delivered with prompt service and quality that was second to none”

– Stephane Thierault, Owner

At DOP Engineering we specialize in developing designs for architectural glass and glazing projects that meet or exceed the evolving standards of Florida’s strict building codes. We pay strict attention to design details and work alongside glass manufacturers to assure only the best quality product and most visually appealing designs are offered to our clients. Our objective is to provide glass systems that are both aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and clearly outlined for fabrication to ensure efficient progress throughout your project. Our skilled team of engineers are dedicated to assisting and communicating openly with both the project owner, the fabricator and the installation team making certain that all budgetary and time considerations are met.

Custom Home Design

Building a custom home is often the achievement of a long-time dream. At DOP Engineering we are proud to work alongside homeowners, contractors, and specialty design consultants to create a quality custom home design engineered to beautifully withstand the test of time. From concept and structural design to permits and breaking ground, we are there through each step of the process to listen, adapt, and offer insights that make the entire process smooth and efficient.

Our team of experienced engineers and designers collaborate closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and budget. We create custom home designs that reflect your unique style and lifestyle, optimizing space utilization and ensuring functionality and durability.

With DOP Engineering, you can expect meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of your custom home design, from the foundation to the roof. Our designs incorporate the latest engineering techniques, materials, and technologies to ensure long-term structural integrity, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

We work closely with contractors and specialty design consultants to seamlessly integrate the custom home design into the construction process. Our expertise in obtaining permits and navigating local building codes ensures a smooth and compliant construction process.

Building your dream home is a significant investment, and we take pride in delivering designs that exceed your expectations. Trust DOP Engineering to turn your vision into a beautifully designed custom home that stands the test of time.

Inspections (40 years and Specialty)

In Miami-Dade & Broward Counties, each commercial and multifamily property is required to undergo a 40-Year & Specialty Property Inspections, Recertification of structure and select systems. At DOP Engineering we strive to make the inspection, paperwork and approval process as easy as possible. With our three-step system we easily guide clients through the process providing documentation for owners to ensure compliance as well as a clear outline of any deficiencies that may need attention prior to submission. Read more about our recertification process here.