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Structural Inspections

The process of creating structural inspections is to give better solutions starts with having the right inspection team.  DOP Engineering takes a hands-on approach to inspections.  We work with contractors and offer in-progress and final inspections to close out your project.

DOP Engineering can help you navigate the inspection process and optimize your schedule. Ensuring all required in-progress inspections are in the pipeline is paramount to saving time and money.  Our professionals use traditional access methods and new technologies to assess new construction of all sizes.

We collect data and share our findings in real time with other team members to collectively analyze the information and see every possible angle of your structure. Thanks to our collective nature, we can offer a uniquely comprehensive analysis of structures that identifies potential challenges you may face.

40 Year Structural inspections

Once a building reaches the 40-year mark, it requires a mandatory 40 year recertification safety inspection to ensure its structure still meets the standards and building codes at the time it was constructed. The report identifies areas of improvement to guarantee the structure is up to par.

Ten years after the 40 Year Recertification inspection, these buildings need another recertification to keep aging structures safe and up to building code updates.

DOP Engineering 40 Year Recertification inspections are driven by personalized service adapted to your building’s unique challenges. Through investigation of damage, structure failures, and building systems, in conjunction with updated building code standards, our experts analyze every angle of the challenge to ensure your building receives the recertification it requires.

Our 1-2-3 Recertification Structural inspections Method

At DOP Engineering, we specialize in offering efficient solutions with outstanding customer service to meet today’s engineering challenges. That’s why our 40 Year Recertification inspection method is designed to expedite the process and help your building meet the county’s standards.

Initial Inspection

Our team of experts conduct the 40 Year Recertification inspections according to the guidelines provided by the county. Per county requirements, we inspect the electrical aspects and structural components to ensure the building’s entire structure meets today’s guidelines and regulations. Our team inspects the building for unsafe conditions, such as structural problems, failed roofing systems, faulty wiring, and potential fire hazards. After the inspection, we offer a written engineering report that identifies deficient items that need to be addressed to pass the building inspection. Our firm analyzes all elements of the building to draw a comprehensive report.

Structural Design

After the 40 Year Recertification inspection is complete, our experts complete the construction plans and specifications to bring the building into compliance. At this stage, we assist with cost estimates and bid calculations for all necessary repairs to get the building up to par with current guidelines.

Value Engineering

We are your allies in the 40 Year Recertification process. As the engineers of record for the project, we provide the building department with the required observations and process updates to ensure the building meets the new code requirements.

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