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Structural Design

Whether your building structural design is groundbreaking or conventional, working with us means you
will be well-equipped to see your dream structure.

We specialize in forward-thinking structural design and analysis services to help architects, owners, and developers of all types of buildings, and throughout all project phases, meet their goals. DOP Engineering is dedicated to providing the utmost quality of care to each of our clients. We diligently and collectively work to successfully execute each program design concept and the optimization of building systems. No matter what vision our clients have, we help them make it a reality.

No matter if you are working on a commercial structure, residential complex, or a hangar, there is nothing we would shy away from. We know there are no two projects alike, which is why we bring in our most significant strengths — a collaborative team with an innovation mindset with expertise across multiple disciplines, and a passion for efficient problem-solving. That is how DOP Engineering meets your structural challenges, no matter how big or small.

To us, communication, responsiveness, and personalized attention are key strengths that we value within our team and organization. Our commitment to exceptional service and innovation motivates us to elaborate creative, precise, and efficient solutions to your business’s challenges. Our structural design diverse portfolio of projects includes commercial, residential, mixed-use, hospitality, and more.
Whether you’re looking for value engineering, construction services, new building designs, performance-based design, peer review, and more, our professional team is always ready to take on the most intimidating structural design challenges and projects.

Our Capabilities in structural design