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What sets us apart


About Engineering Services we are a team who prides ourselves on supporting our clients with local and personalized service offering a level of responsiveness that leads to a fully customized experience.


Ask any of our clients, read our reviews and one of the most notable compliments is that DOP Engineering respectfully fulfilled their contract services with no hidden costs and well within budget.


At DOP Engineering we believe in transparency. We are diligent every step of the way, treating your business like our own, resulting in work that is innovative, dependable and scrupulous.


Sharing in your design goals, we at DOP Engineering, approach your project with passion for both the art of engineering and finding areas we can streamline to achieve the shared goals efficiently.


Balancing precision, intent and with extensive time management skills, we consistently produce complete, highly-detailed, well-conceived and precisely created products fulfilling the design intent.

What We Do

About Engineering Services we offering engineering consulting services for all types of commercial projects (new construction, redevelopment, 40/50 year recertification) to residential structure designs, our diverse DOP Engineering team is well versed in collaborating with everyone from architects, engineers of note and contractors to homeowners.

Known for providing the highest quality project-based engineering services in South Florida, our firm offers clients, contractors and homeowners personalized, dedicated, efficient, innovative engineering solutions to everyday design and infrastructure challenges.

Why We Do It

At DOP Engineering, we are not just another engineering consulting firm. Our leaders are employee-shareholders, as well as principle engineers equipped with multi-disciplinary backgrounds. This ensures that our partners will receive both the highest-quality engineering results with trade standards in mind, coupled with a top-notch client experience.

We also believe that as experienced delegate engineers, we fulfill a niche in the engineering market that allows engineers of note to focus holistically on the project at hand, while allowing us to innovate and communicate expert designs that solve even the most complex challenges.

How We Do It

For us, relationships come first but here at DOP Engineering we also measure our own success with our ability to create structural designs that provide effective solutions to complex problems. We strive to respond to today’s engineering challenges, meeting them efficiency and innovation.

Our unique process-driven approach combines the latest advancements in technology, with seasoned multidisciplinary experience, fostering a collaborative environment that offers unparalleled performance for all your engineering needs.

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who we are

Our Leadership Team

President, CEO

About Engineering Services Teams as a dedicated and focused Professional Engineer, Luis possesses a strong desire for success and growth. He offers leadership and contributes knowledge to the industry, which produces the energy for others around him to succeed. The ability to identify and solve problems with ease and precision is one of many reasons why his achievements and success have materialized into a foundation of future growth and development. Luis exemplifies his professional standards daily as President and CEO of DOP Engineering and during his 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 service as the Structural Engineering Institute Miami-Dade Co-Chair for the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Vice President at DOP Engineering

Gordon is a determined and driven Professional Engineer with focused confidence and unwavering commitment to the construction engineering field. His aspirations to excel are complimented by his leadership skills, uncompromised work ethic, and dedication to successful team environments. Gordon’s goal-oriented passion for excellence affords him the ability to independently evaluate and implement engineering standards, to meet project expectations with expediency, and ensuring budgetary considerations. While Gordon has extensive theoretical knowledge in many forms of structural and construction engineering, he also has gained extensive hands-on field experience during his 10+ years in actively working in the engineering industry. Gordon strives to always demonstrate commitment to professional growth in himself and in his team.

Gordon holds professional certifications in Florida, New York, Texas, Colorado, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.