What is Delegated Engineering and How Can It Help Me?

Structural Engineer of Record

There are many reasons why a larger structural or mechanical engineering firm utilizes delegated engineering. Delegated design is when the Structural Engineer of Record (SEOR) handles the overall design of a project and is responsible for the primary structure (think beams, foundations, etc.), but he or she will delegate other design or engineering components to a specialist or subcontractor in a particular area. This approach keeps costs manageable, time frames reasonable, and clients happy. Delegated engineering has become an integral methodology and provides the most diverse range of options for clients.

Delegated Engineering Increases Specialty Expertise

During a new construction project or remodel, residential and commercial real estate investors can benefit from delegated engineering. The process keeps often lowers overall costs. Delegated engineering allows for flexibility in the overall project and in their specific materials and methods. It is beneficial to any engineering design, to have experts working on each portion. These delegate engineers know the ins and outs of particular codes and standards of a project’s various parts. For example, specialties like glass glazing and flood mitigation make continued advances by simply being integrated with larger projects. In working alongside larger engineering firms, they are sharing their knowledge and expanding capabilities. When implemented well, a delegated design project allows all stakeholders a benefit of reduced risk of problems, in addition to the reduced costs.

Delegate Engineers’ Methodology

For this process to work smoothly, there is a certain amount of communication and cooperation that must happen. When problems arise in a delegated engineering project, it most likely is from miscommunication, poor oversight, or delegating design for the wrong reasons. You want your SEOR to delegate engineering components of your project because it will increase the quality of the building, not because they are trying to avoid blame for mishaps, lack the knowledge of how to complete part of a project, or for the sole reason of reducing costs.

“Too many cooks in the kitchen” is an adage used to describe the drawbacks of having multiple people working on a project. Statements like this overlook the symphony of cooperation that is found inside most professional kitchens. These require many sous, prep, pastry and other specialty chefs to create magnificent courses. Each of those cooks are communicating and each doing their part well, and the outcome is an amazing feast.

At DOP Engineering we pride ourselves on our positive relationships and ability to work with contractors and specialists well. Our delegation and cooperation ensure a project’s design is cohesive and works well, which leads to amazing results.