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Flood Engineering

At DOP Engineering we make every effort to not only design structures that are aesthetically pleasing but we strive to understand that in the South Florida area, buildings need to frequently withstand a variety of natural disaster level conditions including flooding. These types of events, sustained over a period of years, can cause both noticeable and dangerous unseen damages to your foundations, concrete and structural integrity. High winds, rain and saltwater conditions all batter South Florida buildings regularly.

In working with DOP Engineering, we provide designs that take into consideration the harsh conditions of our local area and we design with these things in mind. We specifically focus on creating designs with disasters in mind. Each of our designs from flood walls or glazed glass meet all local codes, requirements and are engineered to cope with the heavy use or weather torments that will inevitably batter your building at some point during its lifetime.

From the beginning of our flood engineering process, we assess your building’s needs and design components specifically for stability, flexibility, and beauty. Have questions about your project’s flood engineering design needs? Let our team of experience and highly professional structural engineers show you how a DOP design can give you the confidence and peace of mind you need to trust your building’s structure for years to come. It is our goal to create buildings and structures that protect themselves and the valuable lives inside, from the often-scary situations that Mother Nature places our area under.