Residential Structural Engineering Design: What to Look for In Your Structural Engineer


With the state of the current housing market in the United States, many homeowners are choosing to invest in their current homes rather than move. They are also opting to start big renovation projects. The multifamily construction industry also consistently sees growth year to year. Whether you’re a homeowner or residential investor, if you are facing a major construction project in your future, here are the things you’ll want to look for when hiring an expert for your structural engineering needs.

Structural Engineering Experience

Because every project is unique with different materials, permits and codes, building restraints, etc., it’s important to hire a structural engineering firm that has experience with a variety of jobs. Look for a firm that boasts experience using everything from concrete to aluminum and works commercially and residentially. The more varied their past jobs, the more experience they will bring to your project.


When it comes to construction, it seems like everything moves slower and costs more than planned. As you’re shopping for a structural engineer, ask how they handle problems that arise. Efficient firms have plans and processes in place to address time and budget issues.


A good structural engineering firm will also convey a sense of dependability if they are licensed, hold accredited certifications, and place an emphasis on continuing education for engineers in their company. Before you hire a firm, find out what is included in your project and who will be assigned to each job.

Structural Engineering Reputation

Does the structural engineering firm you’re considering have a solid reputation? Look for reviews from past clients and industry collaborators to understand the level of service provided by the firm.  Many firms will also provide references.


Communication is important in every business, but especially on a project that includes several people and components. Choose a structural engineering firm that is committed to providing updates and working with you every step of the way. Even during your search, consider the way in which the firm communicates with you as a reflection of their responsiveness with clients.  

If you need help finding a structural engineering firm, reach out to us. We are a people-first firm, dedicated to providing responsive, economical, meticulous, insightful, and prompt work on your next project.