Flood Mitigation and Engineering: What You Need to Know

If you’re an investor or property stakeholder in an area prone to flooding and water damage, you know the importance of designing buildings that can withstand the weather. In places like South Florida, wild weather sustained over a period of years can cause major damage to foundations and the structural integrity of a building. With new construction along coastlines and intensifying weather patterns, designing buildings that can withstand flood damage is vital.

So how do you choose the right flood mitigation engineering firm? Ask yourself these questions.

What experience does this engineering firm have when working with low-lying structures?

When working with an engineering firm on a coastal build, you want to hire a company with experience designing for harsh weather conditions. Every engineer knows that a building needs a structurally sound foundation, but not every firm knows how to do this in an area prone to rain, high wind, and saltwater. Firms that specialize in design elements, like flood walls or glazed glass, and know how to meet all local codes and requirements will ensure a solid structure that can withstand the elements.

What vision does this engineering firm have for my project?

A good engineering firm with flood mitigation experience will share a clear vision for your project. You want a firm that will assess your building’s needs and design components specifically for stability, flexibility, and aesthetics, as well as communicate a clear plan for the timeline and budget. While there are certain steps to take when designing for flood mitigation, not every project is the same. Your project may be complex and extend past basic engineering knowledge, so you want a firm with vision and the ability to bring that concept to life.

Is my focus on quality or quantity?

Of course, every real estate investor or property owner has their bottom line at the top of their mind. However, when it comes to water mitigation strategies, finding the right engineering firm instead of the cheapest will always pay off in the end. You need to be able to trust your building’s structure for years to come, and you want an engineering firm that designs and builds structures with longevity in mind. Furthermore, going with your cheapest option may lead to more costly updates in the future once a few years of weather take their toll on your building.

If your next project resides in a coastal or low-lying area and you have questions about how to protect your investment from water damage, please reach out to us at DOP Engineering for help. We would love to create a personalized flood mitigation solution to your infrastructure challenge. Also be sure to contact our collaborative company with our partner FenEx.