Concrete Restoration & Column Repair


concrete column drawing

Project Information

Concrete, while a durable and economical material used in most buildings in South Florida, is also prone to breakdown over the course of years. It is not a material that is impervious. Repairing concrete after flooding or years of wear and tear by the salty sea air, is a normal part of building ownership. The goal is to catch the deterioration early before it leads to a complete failure. Repairing concrete is almost always advantageous. Replacing concrete failures generally turns into a much larger task. At DOP Engineering we are here to assist clients in evaluating, concrete cracking, rust, and breaches and to engineer solutions for your concrete repair needs.

This private residence with an estimated value of $6.7 mil- lion, sitting right of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean was experiencing column failures and concrete deficiencies. Concrete restoration and structural member replacements were required to maintain the safety and quality of the structural elements.

DOP provided repair protocol to replace steel columns connected to concrete footings and concrete beams. Design steel embedment plates and provide a concrete restoration protocol for the elements intervened during all column removal processes.



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