5 Things to Consider When Planning a Deck Design

When it comes to decks, there’s not a one size fits all solution. There are 5 essential things to consider when planning your home’s new or improved deck design.

Function and Purpose

Why are you planning a new deck?  How are you going to use it? The most important decision to make is about your deck’s function and purpose.  Do you want to entertain guests? How much privacy do you want? Do you want to allow space for personal interests, like a gardening area or outdoor kitchen? The answers to these questions will dictate your design elements and budget, so it’s important to have a clear vision before starting the design process.


It is very important to set a realistic budget that matches your wants and needs.  Make sure to consider the variety of materials and professional services involved in your project. Consider your design priorities and where you want to use your funds. Consult a professional or try an online cost calculator to get some estimates.


When constructing your deck, it is important to have the appropriate permits and meet the building codes in your area. Make sure to research the paperwork and steps needed before starting your project.

Design Elements

You may have a basic idea of the layout of your deck, but there are several design details to consider when planning your deck build. These choices can include composite or wood, color of materials, and if you want railings. These are all design elements to think about as you plan.


You may think choosing your deck furniture may be a choice to make after your deck is built, but it’s a wise idea to consider furniture and accessory choices during the design process. For example, maybe you want a hot tub on your deck one day, so you’ll want to consider the space, privacy, and utilities you’ll eventually need. These are factors you’ll want to work into your design before you build so you have options later.

Planning a home deck design can be a big undertaking, but it also is a valuable investment.  If you would like professional assistance through the design and construction phases of your deck build, contact our talented engineers here at DOP Engineering.