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Specialty & Component Design

Component Design Engineering we offer structural design of tailor-made building components that help them solve
structural engineering problems to build unique structures.

The development of structural drawings and specifications for custom design configuration can be quite challenging, not for DOP Engineering. We foster a collaborative environment that works with every project stakeholder — including the designers of record, construction teams, suppliers, and more. Through every step of the design process, we maintain open communication to ensure integration with our solutions works conjunctively with every system of the building that is affected.

Our team of engineers works closely with other design professionals, property owners, and contractors in the design development and construction document phases. Thanks to this holistic approach, we achieve better solutions to satisfy the client’s aesthetic demands while ensuring we meet every functional performance requirement.
Whether you need expertise on a particular building component or if you face compatibility issues involving the other components within the building, our engineers can help. Using our unique approach, we can design and implement complex component systems for new and existing construction projects.

Our Capabilities