Wood Pergola & Deck Design



Project Information

Located right next to the St. Lucie River in Palm City, FL this 2,200 SF custom wood deck with Aztec composite deck planks, and improvements to the existing wood dock, and Tiki-hut was installed.

Coordinate with surveyor and contractors to provide engineering design for new wood deck and composite planks. Provide design for concrete spread footings, wood beams and girders. Provide Tie-down design for existing Tiki hut. Provide design for new cus- tom railings with cable infill.

  • Over 30 Footings
  • 2,269 SF of new composite planking
  • 60 LF of custom Railings
  • Adaptation of existing concrete pool deck

Weather can take a toll on outdoors structures in Miami Dade, Ft. Lauderdale and other South Florida areas. At DOP Engineering we understand that Wood Pergola & Deck in designing wood decking and outdoor pergola/structures we must give extensive consideration to both the aesthetic and the structural engineering components to ensure both the beauty and longevity of the design. From beach breezes to hurricanes, wind and salt water can wreak havoc. We meet these challenges balancing design sensibilities with durable engineering techniques and we firmly believe in seeing the project through with consultation and communication throughout the construction and installation phases. From kicking off your dream project to wind and waters kicking up, we have you covered!

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