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Project Information

Ocean Delray Condo development, which sits on more than 200 feet of private shoreline will consist of 19 luxury condo units starting at $5 Million each.

Provide design for oversized circular and rectangular skylights to resist the windloads as determined by ASCE 7- 10. Circular skylight size was 137” diameter, rectangular skylight was 80” x 107”

DOP was contracted to design our oversized skylights, and they delivered with prompt service and quality that was second to none”

– Stephane Thierault, Owner

At DOP Engineering we specialize in developing designs for architectural glass and glazing projects that meet or exceed the evolving standards of Florida’s strict building codes. We pay strict attention to design details and work alongside glass manufacturers to assure only the best quality product and most visually appealing designs are offered to our clients. Our objective is to provide glass systems that are both aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and clearly outlined for fabrication to ensure efficient progress throughout your project. Our skilled team of engineers are dedicated to assisting and communicating openly with both the project owner, the fabricator and the installation team making certain that all budgetary and time considerations are met.

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